Learn More About Craniosacral Therapy

Learn More About Craniosacral Therapy

Talk to a massage therapist in Westbrook, ME and the surrounding Gorham, ME area

At The Healing Station, our goal is to help you find the pain and stress relief option that works for you. One of the therapy techniques we use is craniosacral holding. We release tension in your head and neck, which can help you relax. Make a craniosacral therapy appointment in Westbrook, ME today.

How does craniosacral holding work?

Craniosacral holding works by gently applying pressure to areas of the craniosacral system, including the head and neck. Here's what you can expect during a craniosacral therapy session at The Healing Station in Westbrook, ME and servicing the surrounding Gorham, ME area:

  • We'll hold your neck and head in certain alignments to work muscle groups
  • We'll make sure that each vertebra falls back into its proper place
  • We'll work with you to focus on areas of pain and tension

Craniosacral therapy has been known to relieve issues associated with stress, anxiety, chronic headaches and sinus conditions. Call us today to speak with a massage therapist in Westbrook, Maine about craniosacral therapy.